March 1, 2006

CBS Radio Sues Shock Jock Howard Stern

From Reuters via AOL News

NEW YORK (Mar. 1) - After sparring with U.S. regulators for much of his career on broadcast radio, shock jock Howard Stern and his new employer, Sirius Satellite Radio, are locked in a major legal battle with his former bosses at CBS Corp.


The suit says Stern profited from promoting Sirius during his CBS Radio broadcasts. It specifically seeks to claim from Stern and his agent more than 34 million shares of Sirius stock, valued at about $220 million, that they received for exceeding subscriber targets set in his contract.


Stern said his move garnered much media attention and CBS added to it, booking him for appearances on its news magazine show "60 Minutes" and "Late Show with David Letterman."

"I made them millions of dollars. If I was hurting them why did they keep me on the air for 14 months?" Stern said. "How can you have it both ways?"

He said he asked Moonves why he did not pull him off the air. "Les said, 'I knew I could sue you later,"' Stern said.


This is just another case of First Amendment rights being exploited when huge sums of money are to be had by a corporation, i.e. the U.S. Shadow Government.

CBS knew that if Stern went on Letterman and was asked, "So whats with this new 'Sirius Satellite Radio' thing?", he would tell millions of viewers about his new totally unregulated radio show via satellite, a great early promotion opportunity for Sirius. So after it happens, CBS acts as if they had no idea that Stern was going to do this, and gets $220 million off of him. I hate when people act as if they had no choice but to sue someone, they couldn't just not make more money, that would be just plain un-American. Of all the sick, greedy things a corporation could do...

Not to mention the thick sturdy revenge boner that the Religious Right will get from this story.

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