March 2, 2006

S.D. Conservatives Seek Roe V. Wade Fight

From the AP via Yahoo! News

South Dakota is suddenly in the vanguard of the movement to overturn Roe v. Wade. But in truth, it was a role that was decades in the making.

Since the 1973 Supreme Court decision establishing the right to an abortion, the state Legislature has become increaingly dominated by lawmakers from both parties promoting what they see as traditional family values. In fact, in the 1990s, South Dakota's Democrats dropped abortion rights from their party platform.

The conservative shift culminated last week in passage of a bill to outlaw nearly all abortions — a measure aimed ultimately at getting Roe v. Wade overturned.

The ban sailed through the House and Senate, and Republican Gov. Mike Rounds has said he is inclined to sign the measure, which would make it a crime for doctors to perform an abortion unless necessary to save the woman's life. The bill would make no exception in cases of rape or incest.


Ah, another sighting of that nice little buzzy wuzzy Wal-Mart word: Family Values.

The thing about this whole "family values" front is that its completely based on religion, and the government is not supposed to legislate in the name of religion, unless Freedom of Religion means that politicians have the freedom to force their religion on people, and if so then I guess we actually LOST the Revolutionary War, God save the Queen, mate!

The prevailing attitude is that mothers who want abortions are irresponsible, and yet "this bill will make no exception in case of rape", something that the mother wouldn't be responsible for at all.

They also like to claim that abortion is murder, they say they're "pro-life", but the initial embryo after insemination can hardly be called a "life", much less a life of its own. Notice how I had to called it an "it"? If something is an "it", you can't possibly be murdering it, thats why its called abortion.

The way I see it, the "life" of the embryo belongs more to the mother than it does to the embryo, and if she doesn't want it then more power to her--for crying out loud, ESPECIALLY if she was raped! I'll admit that there's a certain point in pregnancy where it would be cruel to abort, but the first eight weeks that the law permits sounds about right to me in regards to humanity.

(Now would be a good time to note that you may find a differnent view on abortion somewhere in this blog)

Last time I checked, the government was in place to protect civil liberties, not trample upon them.

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