March 4, 2006

U of H audition

I did my music audition at the University of Houston today.

I went into Mike Wheeler's office and played this ballad etude that I've known since like August. Then he gave me some chord chanes to play, knocked that one out for the most part. Then they told me to play some scales, the first one was g melodic minor. I attempted it twice and he said "Slow down", so I did and got it right. Then he told me to play E major and D flat major and of course I cranked those out like they was nothin'.

Then it was time to sight-read.

He opened up this fake book (its a real book but its called a "fake book", its used to just pull out and play jazz tunes) and had me play this song that I can't remember now. It was pretty easy, in fact he didn't let me finished it, he just said "Okay lets find something a little more syncapated". And he did. I sucked at it. I don't remember what I did but it was horrible. He didn't let me finish that one either, because I sucked it up so much.

Then he was like "Well do you have any questions?" and I was like "uuuuuuuh, do we learn any classical stuff here?", and he went on and on about classical guitar and then the auition was over.

At 1:00 I took a music theory placement test and totally kicked ass on it, that put me in a better mood.

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