March 11, 2006

Chile Swears in First Female President

From the AP via Yahoo! News

Michelle Bachelet, a Socialist pediatrician who suffered prison, torture and exile under Chile's military dictatorship, was sworn in as the nation's first female president on Saturday.


Bachelet was elected to a four-year term in a Jan. 15 runoff vote to replace Lagos, a fellow Socialist.


A separated mother of three, Bachelet is the first elected Latin American leader who didn't rise to power with the help of a powerful husband. She says her victory reflects profound changes in Chilean society.

Bachelet is the daughter of an air force general who was tortured and died in prison for opposing the 1973 military coup led by Gen. Augusto Pinochet. She, too, was briefly imprisoned and tortured before being forced into exile.


I wonder if Condoleeza Rice spoke with Bachelet that day. If she did, I would hope that she would appologize on the behalf of the U.S. government for putting Pinochet (who's army tortured her father) into power.

Eugene Debbs should have come back after prison the way Bachelet did and become our president; he was a socialist as well. I wonder what that would have been like...

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