March 10, 2006

More political indictments in Italy

Indictment Sought for Italy's Berlusconi

from the AP via Yahoo! News:

ROME - Prosecutors in Milan said Friday they have requested that Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi be indicted on corruption charges.

The premier is accused of ordering the payment in 1997 of at least $600,000 to British lawyer David Mills — whose indictment also was being sought — in exchange for his false testimony in two trials against Berlusconi. Both men deny the allegations.


The conservative Berlusconi has repeatedly accused Milan prosecutors of siding with the left and waging a political vendetta against him following years of probes and prosecutions.


Does this sound familiar at all? Escpecially that last line. What Berlusconi said about Milan prosectors is almost identical to what Tom DeLay said about the Texas Democrats.

I think this may be looked back upon as The Age of Indictments, unless it never ends........ wishful thinking.

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