March 27, 2006

The DNC's "Grassroots Agenda"


I just received a letter from Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, describing me as a “Democratic Leader” and “an active and engaged member of our Party in your community.” He asks for my “opinions” which “will help shape the future direction of the Democratic Party and make us more effective in building grassroots support for our agenda.”


The questions covered some important topics. They include one asking whether I support “new tax cuts targeted at working families.” But no request for my opinion on removing the massive Bush tax reductions for the wealthy, for their unearned income of capital gains and dividends, and for large corporations now making rocket profits.

Another inquiry asked about raising the minimum wage of $5.15 per hour, but no higher figure was listed. Nor was there a question about labor law reform assisting workers in our concentrated industrial, commercial and retail economy (eg. WalMart) to establish or expand trade unions. The present system is rigged in favor of giant companies.

And he list goes on, click here for all of it.

This post seems to be an excellent way to see the differences between the Democrats and Ralph Nader. The Democrats says some pretty nice things but obviously don't actually propose any real change. Its pretty obvious that they really don't know what they stand for anymore, and they're too afraid to stand up for what they might say they believe in. Just remember, the Green Party (of which Nader is NOT affiliated anymore) gets more and more votes every year. I have an optimistic feeling that they'll become sort of a major party in the future. Maybe we'll have a three party state or something. Or maybe they'll overthrow the DNC as the nation's "liberal" two trillion years.

But anyway, isn't it kinda funny that a Democrat would be so respectful of Ralph Nader, given the widely accepted BULLSHIT opinion that he "steals" votes from them? I thought the Democrats hated Nader more than the Republicans because of "that". However, if the Dems are looking for some advice, Ralph's the top of my list, it just seems a little soon for them, or at least Dean, to be so humbled to him. Perhaps Howard Dean really is a progressive liberal Democrat, too bad he screwed himself over in '04. He'll never be taken seriously again. So just vote for Nader.

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