March 24, 2006

UNT acceptance

I've been accepted by the University of North Texas. Not their music school, just the university itself. Their music school, if I read correctly, will accept audition cds no later than April 3rd, and I haven't recorded anything yet. I tried to record the classical music I had worked up for the cd, then the other day I read their music site more closely and realized that there are separate audition requirements for jazz guitar, which is what I'm interested in. If I somehow record an audition tape by monday I am going to go through with the paperwork of auditioning there, but I seriously doubt I will be accepted.

I'm going to use that same tape for my UNO audition, oh yeah, and I'm still waiting to hear from U of H, if ANYONE wanted to know ANY of this.

In other.......stuff, nothing in the news has been grabbing my attention or inspiring me to go off on some tangent so I'm just gonna say, "Holy crap why is Bush still president?!"

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