February 25, 2006


So today, or, just a little while ago, my brother's girlfriend, Jenn, sent me a link to the University of New Orleans website.

She said they're starved for students so its easy to get in and get financial aid and that she applied in March and got accepted. Since I'm barely good enough to go to UNT, and its probably more expensive to go to U of H, I think UNO may be the place for me. For one thing, MY BROTHER LIVES IN NEW ORLEANS. I could live with my freaking brother, how cool is that? Also, I could find some gigs there to start cutting my teeth right away in America's premier Jazz City.

If their music program isn't that great, all that would mean is that I could get accepted even more easily. Thats kind of a pathetic way of approaching it, but at this point I just want to start going to some university.

To sum it all up, Cajun food OWNS!

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Ron said...

UNO's music department is great. I've heard their students playing live at the Funky Butt--I think it's probably their jazz faculty that makes them great. Wynton Marsalis' father, Ellis, is or was on faculty there. It'd be cool for you to be there. I'm still planning a move there myself if everything goes well with the film industry here in Louisiana.