February 5, 2006

Bush's Energy Escapades

Posted by "nimda" from nader.org:

It was, to use Yogi Berra’s phrase—déjà vu all over again. George W. Bush’s energy program in his State of the Union speech echoed the many similar promises made by his presidential predecessors going back to Ronald Reagan.


“America is addicted to oil,” exclaimed the President. No one more so than the President himself, a former oil industry executive who appointed over three dozen oil men like himself to high posts in his Administration—a regime marinated in oil.

The results have been, to say the least, oily. Talk as he has started to do about renewable forms of energy, his actions speak louder.


Before reaching his desk, Bush made sure that some of the legislation’s provisions were cut out. The renewable portfolio standard that was to require electric companies to obtain a certain percentage of their fuel from renewable sources was dropped. Bush also rejected an “oil savings amendment” to reduce oil use. And, of course, he adamantly refused to support any higher federal standards for motor vehicle fuel efficiency which has reached its lowest dismal level since 1980. Going backward into the future—GM style!


I know everyone's made this point already but I like the way "nimda" puts it in Nader's "In the Public Interest" column.

Last week I posted a reply on some Myspace forum about how I always find myself agreeing with what Bush says, but then look at what he actually does and it really makes me sick most of the time.

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