June 8, 2005

Solar Energy

by Ralph Nader, from nader.org

One of my favorite publications--one that you may never have heard about--is the /Co-op America Quarterly: Economic Actions for a Just Planet/. ...Co-op America attracts tens of thousands of members who peruse its National Green Pages to purchase what they need and to invest in responsible ways and support sustainable economic activities. (See www.coopamerica.org and www.greenpages.org).

Obviously, solar energy is high on its priority list. But has there ever been a longer, more proven, more diverse source of energy so continually neglected, ignored, distorted, suppressed or given lip service than the best, most permanent, most decentralized flow of energy on Earth?

Ten years ago Japan's solar electricity output was less than half that of the U.S.A. Now Japan is looking to bigger export markets for solar and is 50 percent of their domestic electricity from solar power by 2030, giving new meaning to the "land of the rising sun."

Germany has sped ahead of the United States as well, creating last year alone 5000 new jobs and generating nearly $3 billion in revenue by expanding more solar power facilities than any other nation.

The American people and our country are being held back from solar power because we let the oil/gas barons set energy policy and limit our choices.

Sure, places like San Francisco and Chicago are showing activity, but until a couple of million Americans bear down on their Senators in the next month, Bush will sign this legislation with oil dripping from his pen and oil dollars spilling lustily into Republican campaign coffers. Do your part, the way Co-op America does.

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I went to Co-op America's website, its pretty good. I did one of the "take action" things where you give your name and address and email and you send this letter that they have typed for you to Exxon, asking them to invest in renewable energy. Its a good feeling. I encourage "taking action".

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