June 9, 2005

Jimmy Carter Urges Closing of Guantanamo Detention Facility

From Yahoo! News

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Former US president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter called for the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to be closed, "to demonstrate clearly our nation's historic commitment to protect human rights."

"Our government needs to close down Guantanamo and the two dozen secret detention facilities run by the United States as soon as possible," Carter said Tuesday in Atlanta at a conference organized by the Carter Center.

He also called for an end to the policy of transferring prisoners to countries where there have been reports of torture, and pressed for an independent commission to investigate the US detention facilities.


The Pentagon revealed last week, after wrapping up an investigation, that US military personnel at Guantanamo Bay once kicked the Koran and that a copy of the Islamic holy book was sprayed with urine in another incident, but that overall US soldiers at the camp handled the book with respect.

General Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on Monday said that closing Guantanamo would be difficult, since the majority of detainees being held there are considered too dangerous to be set free.

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So the detainees are considered to be too dangerous to be set free. What about the guards who "accidentally" piss on the detainees and destroy their holy book in front of them? Not to mention last year's naked human pyramid scandal.

I've said this before, we are not fighting this War on Terror correctly. You don't stop terrorism by pissing terrorists off, and I'm not saying we have to kiss up to them and be friends and sing and dance and have gay sex in the streets, I'm just saying that these terrorists have a better reason for attacking us than "hating our freedom". Nobody hates freedom, okay? For example, some terrorists hate the fact that we support Israel, who persecutes the Palestinians, among other things that the U.S. is involved in over there.

Remember, Al Qaida and the other organizations like them are Muslim fundamentalists. The only countries that the U.S. has had military conflicts with in the past fifteen years have been Muslim nations. We have thoroughly made ourselves a target of terrorism, and we only play into the hands of the terrorists when we start wars and mistreat prisoners.

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