June 21, 2005


I have't blogged the past couple of days because I was visiting my brother in New Orleans. It was my second trip there, I had much more fun this time.

The first day we went to the French Quarter for a little while, and I made a joke about why it hasn't been named the "Freedom Quarter" yet. I had some gumbo at this little resturant, real good stuff. Then we went to the famous Cafe Du Monde and had some French doughnuts called "men-yays", I can't remember how to spell it but thats how its pronounced.

We passed by this brass band made up of kids my age who weren't all that great at their instruments but was still cool. We saw a few other live shows going on at that very same time around town, along with some street performers--New Orleans = better than Houston.

I stayed with my brother at the Navy Base. Thats right, I stayed on a military base, it was no big deal (he's a musician). The barracks are like freaking hotel rooms, with their own kitchens! I went with my brother to "work", which was a long-ass rehearsal with the Show Band. They kick ass. We got lunch at this cajun grocery store, I got an awesome po-boy and a bottle of Big Shot Cola, a N'awlens drink.

Now that I look back on the trip, we didn't do very much but it was cool to hang out with my brother again.

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