June 7, 2005

Racism, still a very real problem

So there's this "Old South White Pride meeting and exhibit" scheduled to happen in either Vidor or Jasper, Texas. And a few days a go an inter-racial couples' house in Vidor, Texas was set on fire and vandalized, "kkk" was spray-painted on the house along with "die" and some racial slurs.

Some may remember, Vidor is the town where that black guy was dragged to his death from a truck by three white guys back in the '90s or something.

I believe that the fire and the meeting are just some last spasms of a dieing breed: The American White Supremecist. Maybe once my generation takes over, this kind of stuff won't happen......yeah right, but here's hoping.

My band is playing a few shows in Winnie, Texas this summer, I've got an idea for those shows that includes burning a confederate flag. I want to see if that would be a big deal to anyone, try to weed out the racists and get them out in the open so they can be tarred-and-feathered or something.

Seriously, whats the deal with people with confederate flag shirts and bumper stickers and crap? My message to them: "You lost, get over it!"

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