June 7, 2005

Hearing the news: I can't keep a straight face

Watergate and medical marijuana have been topics in the news recently.

I'd love to comment on them, but its hard when they keep talking about this guy called "Deep Throat". I laugh every time someone says something about him! I can't pay attention to what they're talking about because the friggin' name distracts me! So no comment from me about this Deep Throat, Watergate thing.

When it comes the the medical marijuana topic, I find it quite hilarious when these stiff local news anchors say words like "dope", "weed", and "pot". I dunno why. Its even funnier than when the hispanic anchors all of a sudden pronounce spanish words perfectly after speaking with a straight American accent.

So all I've got to say about Deep Thoat and medical pot is "hahahahahah!".

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