June 5, 2005

An Idea for Senior year

I actually came up with this idea during my sophomore year, and I kinda forgot about it for a while. But I'm seriously considering doing it.

My idea is to wear the same clothes to school every day, giving myself a uniform. I'll have like 5 gray t-shirts with no logos or anything and 5 pairs of off-brand jeans.

The daily bland clothing would represent the public school system's design of turning students into corporate tools and cannon fodder; instead of scholars, artists, inventors, writers, or whatever we really want to become.

My uniform would also reflect the authoritarian-minded administrators of my particular school, Baytown Sterling, in that, the clothes are similar to what a prison uniform would be like.

I'm gonna buy the clothes from some place that isn't Wal-Mart, and thats gonna mean something too.

Meh, I'm probably not going to do it but I think its a cool idea.

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