June 22, 2005

Batman Begins AND ENDS

Warning: if you haven't seen Batman Begins yet, don't read this and go see it.
Okay, so the new Batman movie was pretty good. Its longer than any other Batman movie I've seen, and some may say its "darker".

There's plenty of action scenes, but the way they did it in this one is kind of Braveheart-ish, in that, the camera shakes a whole lot to add to the effect. Some could argue that it makes it seem like you're in the fight with Batman, but if you're supposed to feel like you're IN the movie, why isn't it 3D? Batman does fight much faster in this film, though, and that adds to the fact that he's younger, so cudos for that.

I don't really get why he was in Japan for a while, maybe I missed something, and the whole thing with the League of Justice or whatever it was with their conspiracy about bringing down all the kingdoms of the human race seemed a bit much, but it works.

Since this movie is called Batman Begins, you can guess that it shows parts of his childhood in detail, which it does. It even shows the part where his parents get killed. Once this part happens, you can assume that this film is an attempt to line up with the Michael Keeton Batman movie from back in the day, but you'd be wrong. The guy who shoots Bruce Wayne's parents in the new film is caught when Bruce is in his 20's and is assassinated on his way out of the courtroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was supposed to become the Joker!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And just when you start to think, "Hey, this movie is separate, it has nothing to do with Joker anyway," at the very last second of the movie, a "calling card" is found from a new villain. It was none other than a JOKER card, AND they added that the guy was a CONVICTED MURDERER.

Think back to the film with Michael Keeton. Jack Nickelson BECAME Joker DURING that movie, which takes place LATER than the new film. So this new film should be called "Batman Begins AND ENDS", because it doesn't line up with any other movie that could show how Batman "ends".

Of course, one could also argue that each Batman movie that came after 'Batman' and 'Batman Returns' was a new interpretation of the Batman story, but even if thats true, none of them ever re-told how his parents died (although I believe in Batman Forever he says that Joker killed his parents), so why does this new "prequal" change the freaking story? How hard would it have been to have the guy live instead of die and to just NOT have the Joker card at the end? Survey says: Not hard at all.

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