May 3, 2006

The Minutemen just don't get it and neither does the Associated Press

From the AP via Yahoo! News

Border Group Begins Cross-Country Campaign

LOS ANGELES - In the shadow of this week's huge pro-immigrant demonstrations, the opposition Minuteman Project launched a cross-country tour Wednesday to rally support for tighter border control.


The group hopes to counter the impact made by the more than 1 million illegal immigrants and their supporters who took to the nation's streets on Monday. Demonstrations by the Minuteman Project that day were scattered and small, often numbering fewer than 100 people per city.

Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist told about 40 supporters before the group left from a park in South Los Angeles that the recent immigration marches were a "declaration of domination."

"Ours is not a racial cause. It's a rule of law cause."


The Associated Press said simply that the marchers on Monday were supporters of illegal immigrants. They make it out to seem like the marchers were saying that all illegal aliens should stay here, but thats not what the marches were about at all. It was about workers' rights. If someone (whether they're a legal citizen or not) finds work, they deserve to be paid a decent wage. Furthermore, if someone comes here illegally and finds work for an extended period of time, it would be more beneficial to the country to grant them citizenship rather than make them felons. Felons are likely to be put in prison where they'll cost the American tax payer even more money, which is supposedly the whole reason why these totally "not racist" people are so pissed off about illegal immigration.

It may be hard to argue that the Minutemen are racists, but it is no doubt that they are xenophobic and really don't understand what the new legislation is going to do if it gets passed as law. If their's is a "rule of law" cause, shouldn't they be on the same side as the marchers? The marchers are against the potential law, not the current law. The Minutemen also don't understand, and probably don't want to understand, the reason why all those people were marching this Monday. They forget that Monday was MAY DAY, not just some work day picked at random, and that May Day is a traditional holiday that is in rememberance of the Haymarket Riot which was about labor, not 'who belongs where' and 'who dominates who'.

When all of this is taken into consideration, any support left for the bill must come from a prejudice against Mexicans, and nothing about "rule of law". Its the Minutemen who are delcaring dominance, not the May Day marchers.

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