May 20, 2006

Iraqi Government Approved Amid Violence

From the AP via Yahoo! News:

Iraq's parliament approved a national unity government Saturday, achieving a goal Washington hopes will reduce violence so U.S. forces can eventually go home.

But as the legislators met, a series of attacks killed at least 31 people and wounded dozens, and police also found the bodies of 22 Iraqis who apparently had been kidnapped and tortured by death squads that plague the capital and other areas.


The Bush administration hopes the new national unity government of Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds can calm violence and pave the way for beginning the withdrawal of U.S. troops.


So once this new government gets rolling and starts trying to get things done and the violence continues, then will the Bush Administration rethink their insistence on keeping troups in Iraq? I seriously doubt it. Or lets say that in the next few months, the insurgents do just all of a sudden say "Gee, democracy's great! Lets go back home and forget all this!", and everything is alllllll better, will I re-think my opposition to the occupation? NO.

The Iraqi people voted for their new government, yes, but who decided who they were going to vote for? Twas US, of course, thats what this whole "giving them democracy" charrade really means. We invaded Iraq not to free its people (according to Chomsky in his newest book
Failed States, the new Iraqi consitution gives fewer rights to women than they had under Saddam) but to secure our own oil interests and assert our dominance in that industry, and the new government that we're helping to form will naturally comply with us (otherwise we wouldn't be letting them take power, duh!).

And if we're the ones protecting or coordinating the elections, how do we know that the Iraqis are really getting what the majority of them voted for anyway?

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