May 1, 2006

'A Day Without A Mexican' - today

From the AP via Yahoo! News:

Immigrants Demonstrate Economic Clout

Illegal immigrants made their point Monday: Without them, Americans would pay higher prices and a lot of work wouldn't get done.

As nationwide demonstrations thinned the work force in businesses from meat-packing plants to construction sites to behind the counter at McDonald's, economists said there can be no dispute within the context of the contentious immigration issue that the group wields significant clout in the U.S. economy.


While the full impact of the one-day Day Without Immigrants boycott was hard to immediately gauge, it was palpable in some industries with a heavily Hispanic work force. On-the-job turnout was dramatically lower at some locales in the meat-packing, masonry, restaurant and landscaping businesses, and numerous firms closed for the day.


There's some numbers and statistics about the shortage of workers that occurred today if you check out the whole article.

Someone just asked me, "Why don't we have a march?". I could not attempt to come up with a response that could explain why that question made no sense, but now I've had some time to think: ITS NOT US AGAINST THEM! There's some poor legislation thats going through Congress right now and there needed to be something to show that the H.R. bill will be ineffective and regressive as a law.

Mexican Americans and illegal aliens are not here to intimidate you or try to do away with your way of life. They're just trying to improve their own.

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