May 7, 2006

Mexico leftist says staying course

From Reuters via Yahoo! News:

LAGOS DE MORENO, Mexico (Reuters) - The leftist candidate for Mexican president stumped in enemy territory this weekend and pledged not to change course after a series of missteps tripped up his once front-running campaign.


Lopez Obrador was hurt by his failure to participate in the first of two televised debates, by his hot-head image as he snapped at President Vicente Fox and other critics, and by aggressive advertising from conservative ruling party candidate Felipe Calderon that helped push the conservative ahead.

Lopez Obrador, who promises welfare programs and infrastructure projects to lift up the poor, says the polls are rigged and that he holds a solid lead as he tours the countryside appealing mainly to the underclasses.


Fox's election in 2000 ended 71 years of rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, and he remains personally popular. But he did not deliver on promises of jobs and other benefits and that record is seen as a liability for Calderon and his National Action Party.


"He is dangerous because he likes to go into debt," said Jose Luis Rosas, 29, a food company employee in the small town of Lagos de Moreno outside Guadalajara.

Lopez Obrador's camp calls the claims lies in a "dirty war" led by Fox.


I don't know much about Obrador at all right now but at first glance he seems pretty good. But then again, so do a lot of Democrats...

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