September 1, 2005

Alligator Haze

Hope its not too soon to start blogging about non-hurricane related subjects, but I thought I'd just write about something kinda funny.

I've been sick this week, my medicine of choice: Nyquil. I came to school yesterday and told Mr. Moore, "I'm all Nyquil'd out right now," and he said "Ahh, alligator haze all day,".

I just said, "yeah", and went about my school day. "Alligator haze" stayed with me. "What the hell is an 'alligator haze'", I thought.

So, for a laugh, I came up to Mr. Moore in 6th period and asked him, "Whats an alligator haze?".

He looked at me like he saw a ghost, his mind was completely.....(I'm on Dayquil right now, can't think of anything).

ooooooookay this stuff is starting to kick in hard, can't really concentrate, uh, okay, he said "alligator haze" is from a Stroke 9 song, about being drunk in New Orleans.

Okay, this was somewhat hurricane-related.

1 comment:

Ron said...

Especially now that there is a very real possibility that alligators may be running around the streets of NO.