September 17, 2005

Stupid fans

Having been to two rock concerts in the past two months, I realize how dumb rock fans have become.

Does anyone care about guitar solos anymore?

When I saw Green Day back in August, Billy Joe did an extended guitar solo in one of the songs. He was over to the side of the stage, doing an assisted power stance on the monitor, and practically playing his guitar AT the crowd. He was obviously trying to get a big roar fromt he crowd during the solo. It didn't happen. It was like no one even noticed what he was doing.

Granted, he's not that great of a guitar player, but thats not the point. The fact is, most of the people there only wanted to hear exactly what was on the cd, they don't care about any added guitar solo stuff, its just not cool to them. They call themselves fans? When a guitar player who you came to see is doing a solo, looking right at you and not the guitar, just waiting for you to give him deserved props, and then you don't, you're an asshole. Period.

And then a few nights ago at Weezer, in any given song, there would be no upsurge in noise from the crowd during or after a guitar solo. I'll admit, most of Weezer's guitar solos are pretty cut and dry, but isn't that supposed to be a standard time for a crowd-goes-wild type thing?

Maybe I'm just picky about props because I know what its like to perform, but maybe people are just STUPID.

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Ron said...

People are just stupid. Big rock shows were no different twenty years ago--in 1987 we had great floor seats for Pink Floyd and most of the fans were reverently sitting during "Shine on You Crazy Diamond," except for one guy who had to stand, which forced everybody else to stand (until a huge biker guy whispered in his ear); at a Frank Zappa show in '84 two drunks got into a knock-down drag-out fight right in front of the stage during the song "Joe's Garage," forcing FZ to cut his encore short. My bet is that people were just as stupid twenty years earlier than that: look at all the old Beatle concert footage with girls screaming so loudly nobody could hear the music. I'm afraid that most people are into celebrity-worship instead of the music. That's why most of the stuff that gets heavily promoted these days totally sucks. Record companies already know that nobody's really listening.