September 4, 2005

The Drafted

Our first LP is coming out this month.

Here's some streaming audio for anyone who hasn't heard it on myspace or purevolume.
(these streams are supported by geocities, be happy if they work)
"Don't Get Me Wrong"

"1,000 Dead"


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Will the new Civic Hybrid beat the Prius in MPG?
While perusing TCC's reports on the new Civics from Honda, we noticed a paragraph tucked away under the heading "The Hybrid" in which Honda says the Civic Hybrid will get 43.6 mpg in real-world driving, a ...
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Google's chronicler searches out valley icon
John Battelle always seems to be in the middle of something big. In his mid-20s he led Wired magazine's coverage of the digital revolution of the 1990s.

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