September 14, 2005


I saw my second Weezer concert last night. They opened for Foo Fighters. With all due respect to Foo Fighters, Weezer should never open for anyone. Maybe they switch out from city to city, who knows.

Anyway, I tried to sneak up to the front just before they started playing "El Scorcho", but I got caught and almost got kicked out. But it couldn't have been a more perfect time to be up out of my seat because just when they went into the punk rock double-time part I was in the open walkway between the center section and the box seats and skanked my ASS off just before they told me I couldn't stand there and that if I jumped over the rails again I would have to leave.

All in all, it was a geektastic show, and though it obviously wasn't as special as the first time, it was probably the most fun I've had since then. Its just fun to go to a show where you know every word to every song...

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Ron said...

Well, Foo Fighters have that Nirvana pedigree, so it makes sense that promoters would give them top billing. Not that it's fair or reasonable. Man, Weezer's come a long way since that Buddy Holly song--we used to totally make fun of how much that song sucked; actually, I've heard a goofy electronica version of it that I like, but only because it sounds so absurd. Anyway, it appears that they've hit their groove, and are less popified now.