September 8, 2005

And the winner is has been for decades now the responsibility of the Army Corps of Engineers to manage flood control along the Mississippi River. Louisiana most assuredly was given federal money for whatever purposes, but the money for the levees, several hundred million dollars to be used by the Corps, was actually CUT by the Bush administration, and reappropriated for the Iraq war.

This was Ron's comment on my blog about the Blame Game where I stated that I didn't know "who's side" I was on. Not that there's two distinct teams in this Blame Game, but I wasn't really sure what my opinion was.

I got it now. What really went wrong was that the different levels of government, such as local, state, and federal, were just not communicating well at ALL. If there was any good that came out of this storm, it was the knowledge that our "Homeland" isn't all that "secure". Basically, the American government has no idea how to help its people.

(as if the Iraq War wasn't proof of that already)

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Ron said...

Very cool, Adam. Be sure to use the "primary responsibility" phrase from the DHS website to silence the Bush cult in arguments at school. What can they possibly come back with? It really does end the discussion.