August 30, 2005

Katrina fools us all

So New Orleans didn't get hit as hard as everyone thought. Alabama sure got the shaft. Hurricane's suck big time.

Now, with a shorter supply of crude oil from the Gulf of Mexico, gas prices may reach 3.00 this week in places where they're not that high yet, like here.

Glad I filled up yesterday...


Ron said...

I'm sure you already know by now, but since the levee broke, NO did get hit as hard as everybody expected. It's wild here in Baton Rouge: LSU has been turned into the medical evac destination for the New Orleans area. This is awful, just awful.

John said...

I filled up earlier today for about 2.59 a gallon, and then the prices shot up about 30 cents in a matter of hours! There was one Chevron station that hadn't changed its prices yet and there were cars lined up out to the street waiting to fill up. My friend who staying here from New Orleans will probably stay for about 2 more months and start going to school here. It'll take a really long time to fix this mess.

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