August 16, 2005

new developments on The Choice

Today, my band director, Mr. Moore, followed up on what he was telling me yesterday. He said that getting a performance degree in music can be worthwhile if you get a Masters or Doctorate. He said if you get a Masters in music with a performance degree, universities will higher you to teach private lessons and direct their ensambles. In other words, work would consist of playing your instrument while you teach--something I could deal with.

Hey, it'd only be four additional semesters of college, and since its easier to get hired with a Masters it'd pay for itself eventually (right?). Not only did he tell me that this was possible, but he gave me examples of people who are living like this. Brian Kalke is sort of a well-known trombone player in Houston, he does well, AND (Mr. Moore says) he has a ton of free time! "Free time" would translate to: work on becoming a professional performer.

Everything seems to be falling in place very quickly.

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