August 7, 2005

A debate with a PETA member

The following is part of a debate I had with a friend on AIM. The identity of my friend is disclosed:

me: animals aren't any more alive than plants. so why not eat both?
(peta member): plants dont feel.. plants arent tortured. people were meant to eat plants.. not animals.
me: then why don't we have all flat teeth like cows?
(peta member): adam.. lol i dont know the answer to that. we evolved that way because of what we eat.. i dont know?
me: yes, but if we weren't meant to eat meat then we wouldn't have the desire to eat meat, like a cow or a deer [doesn't]
(peta member): i learned the facts about how the cow or deer are killed and i have absolutely no desire whatsoever to eat it.. its all perseptual.. the commericals on tv are meant to provoke you into eating a hardy burger because strong men and pretty people eat it.
me: meat tastes good to some people, they've eaten it since they were children and they like it, everyone knows an animal has to die to be eaten, it just doesn't bother some people...
(peta member): ok.. well it bothers me, so thats why im vegetarian.. if it doesnt bother you.. go on and eat the meat, its not my body you're hurting.
me: hurting?
(peta member): yeah. you dont know that burgers are bad for you? unhealthy?
me: meat isn't just burgers. meat is not bad for you
(peta member): ok, any meat for that matter, any meat is bad for you, it adds pounds and leads to heart disease.
me: eating too much of anything can be bad for you, just because meat is fattening doesn't mean eating it hurts your body

Am I missing something?


Anonymous said...

lol wtf thats perdy funny anyways i think he just doesnt like how there killed but who knows plants could be crying out in pain when we pull them from there roots and were just to loud to hear them

X x

Anonymous said...

i think that peta member is awesome and would challenge you to another debate anytime. =)