August 27, 2005

The end of the Big Easy?

New Orleans and other Louisiana cities are being evacuated today due to the approaching hurricane (Katrina, I believe).

One of the evacuees, my brother, is coming here tonight. I remember him telling me, back when he first moved there, that there was no reconstruction plan for New Orleans, if it were to be destroyed in a hurricane. See, New Orleans was built in this big bowl of land, six feet BELOW sea level, a hurricane will fill that bowl up--likely wiping the city out, so, supposedly, the state government of Louisiana simply has no plan of rebuilding the city if it is destroyed.

I think that says a lot about cajuns: they're dumb. At least their food kicks ass.

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John said...

Yeah. Pretty stupid. I have like 20 people in Deer Park right now from Louisiana. 20 people in one little house! It's nuts.