February 5, 2007

Take that Bears, I hate you

The Colts avenged the Saints' defeat last night in one of the coolest Super Bowls I've ever seen.

I wouldn't call myself much of a football fan, but I sure as hell am a Saints fan after this season, and I'm glad that the team who kept them from playing in the Super Bowl got raped pretty hard, so I'm a Colts fan now too (and I think the Saints could have done much better against them than the Bears).

The Saints are the one thing that anyone in New Orleans can agree on. They're one of the only positive influences in the city; when they win, everyone feels good, even for just a little while. Watching the Saints do well is the footballical equivalent of eating a big bowl of gumbo on a sat'day afternoon, or biting into an overstuffed po-boy after work. A Super Bowl victory would have been so good for New Orleans, it broke my heart that they didn't make it. I'll start off next season rooting for the Saints, then the Colts, then maybe the Cowboys since I still consider Texas my home (and the Texans are a fucking joke).

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