February 25, 2007

Childish international policy

From the AP:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the U.S. would hold direct talks with Iran if Tehran suspended its nuclear program.


Iran says its energy program is peaceful.


"We have contingency plans around the world. We had contingency plans with the Soviet Union, and we had specific targets. That didn't mean that we were planning to strike the Soviet Union," said Rep. Duncan Hunter , D-Calif.

He said Hersh interprets that "into an intent to attack Iran in the near future. That's not the case."


Condi says she'll talk with Iran if they stop their enrichment program. Iran insists that their program is peaceful. The New Yorker says that the US is planning on attacking Iran; the Pentagon insists that just because they have contingency plans for Iran, it doesn't mean they're planning on attacking them.

What it all boils down to is that the US thinks they can have nukes and entire bombing strategies against other countries, just in case, but Iran is a rogue state because their nuclear enrichment program must be intended for more than just energy purposes.

What makes the US superior to every other government? Not a goddamn thing. What negotiations are they even talking about? Isn't Condi talking about negotiations regarding Iran's nuke program? So she's saying Washington will talk with Tehran about their enrichment program only after it's abandoned? How can you negotiate about something that no longer exists? That makes absolutely no sense and it's childish of the administration to make such blatantly biased assumptions about another government.

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