February 13, 2007

Obama may publically fund his presidential campaign

Over at Realart today, Ron posted an article about all the new Democratic congressman who are using loopholes that are getting them better perks than what the Republicans were getting before the lobbying "reforms" that the Democrats helped put it place. I went to PBS's NOW for the first time today, just to see what it was, and I found this article:

Obama's apparent intention is to keep open the option of using the public financing system as a way to fund his campaign if he becomes the Democratic nominee [...] if the Republican candidate agreed to do the same


Of course, this is all just talk right now, and he may not even end up as the Democratic nominee, but it's still good talk. I've been kind of on and off about Obama, not sure whether he's really progressive or just using his image to appear that way while officially siding with corporate interests. Right now I'm turned back on to Obama, but we'll see what happens, as the media is all over him right now and it's only going to get more intense.

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