April 14, 2006

UNT rejection and job hunting

I got my rejection email from UNT's music department. No big deal. I've got full acceptance from U of H as a safety now, and I've known pretty much from the start that North Texas is better suited for graduate students anyway. I'm now awaiting any kind of acceptance from the University of New Orleans. I mailed in my audition video on........Wednesday I think, and I've corresponded with two of the Area Coordinators and gotten my name in their ears a little bit. I don't think I have much competition in my pursuit of UNO, so I'm probably a bit of a shoe-in there. I'm slightly conflicted over U of H and UNO. I'd really love to live with my brother in New Orleans, but I don't know if I want to end The Drafted just yet, we're really starting get some recognition and I kinda want to see how far we can get. Since my college education is going to be centered around music, you'd think that I'd choose the one that made me the most musically happy, but UNO is an awesome opportunity not only at becoming a good jazz guitarist, but getting gigs as well--in New Orleans and elsewhere.

Yesterday I got job applications to Hobby Lobby, Office Depot, and Toys R Us. The latter is actually hiring right now, I expect to get a job there if I go through with it. The idea of getting a job is pretty scary, I'm afraid I'll have to flake out on everyone and turn down shows and spend less time with the girlfriend and whatnot, but deep down I know that won't really happen, I'm just lazy.

UPDATE 4/15 - I got my acceptance letter from UNO today, so all I have left is to hear from their music department.

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