April 19, 2006

Rove Reliquishes Some Control in Shake-Up

From the AP via Yahoo! News:

White House political mastermind Karl Rove surrendered a key policy role Wednesday and press secretary Scott McClellan resigned in an escalation of a Bush administation shake-up driven by Republican anxieties.

Rove gave up his responsibilities as chief policy coordinator, a position he assumed just over a year ago that strengthened his influence over matters ranging from homeland security and domestic policy to the economy and national security. The promotion had left him stretched too thin in the eyes of some officials, as the White House grappled with mounting problems.


More changes are expected. White House officials have done nothing to discourage speculation that Treasury Secretary John Snow is leaving. Bush's communications chief, Nicolle Wallace, also is expected to depart because her husband has taken a new job in New York. Changes also are expected in the White House lobbying shop run by Candida Wolff.

The shake-up began with the March 28 resignation of Andy Card, Bush's longtime chief of staff, and his replacement by Bolten. Just this week, Bush has named a new budget chief and a new trade representative and is moving toward choosing a new domestic policy adviser


HAHA! The Republicans are being forced to do what they're worste at, CHANGE. Sure, fresh faces may fool the public for a little while, but the Republicans have been so stubborn with their policies in the past two decades that its unlikely that any of them will be able to come up with successful new ideas to help out this Administration.

They're about to figure out that they're on the wrong side of things that most Americans care about, no matter how they spin it.

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