April 3, 2006

More on college

I got my acceptence letter from the Moore's School of Music last week; but they didn't give me any scholarship money. I'm not certain whether I've been accepted by the university itself though; its the opposite situation I have at North Texas, where I've been accepted at the university but just recently sent in my audition cd for their outstanding music school. I also recently sent my SAT scores to the University of New Orleans, so I should be hearing from them in a few weeks.

There's one more thing left for me to do before I can sit back and decide which school I'll be going to, and that is to record my audition video for UNO. I'm pretty certain that I'll get accepted by both UNO and its music school, but I don't know about the two Texas schools. My academics were good enough for UNT, but I dunno about U of H; however, UNT's music school will probably less impressed with me than U of H's was, simply because more talented people audition for North Texas than the Moore's School.

I'm getting a crapload of encouragement from my brother, Travis, to go to UNO. He believes that North Texas would be a better school for me to get my Masters at, and that both UNO and U of H would be a more appropriate start. I agree, but if I, by some sick fluke of nature, get accepted by UNT's music school, there's no way I could stomach passing up that opportunity. In summation, I see it most likely at the moment that I'll end up attending the University of New Orleans and living with my brother in his shotgun house duplex. Sounds fun to me!

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