May 15, 2005

Weezer's "Make Believe"

Advice: Buy it. If you don't like it, don't get rid of it. Listen to it again in ten years and see what you think. Weezer's music is like wine, it gets better with age.

track 1. Beverley Hills
This song has gotten some negative comments about the "rap vocals". Some go on to say something stupid like "Weezer needs to go back to the old days!". They fail to realize that "Beverley Hills" sounds incredibly similar to "El Scorcho", which is from the old days.
This song rocks.

2. Perfect Situation
The intro sounds kinda like something from the Green Album, which wasn't their best, but I like it. The melodies are really pop, but there's some parts of the chord progression that you don't hear too often that prove that Weezer is better.
This song's pretty good.

3. This is Such a Pity
WHOA! Synthesizers, huge chorus. This is the most '80's sounding song Weezer has ever written, I think its my favorite.
This song Rocks.

4. Hold Me
Maaaan, the chorus just soars like an eagle. I'll admit the verse and bridge are kinda lame but the chorus totally makes up for it and really makes it all work.
This song's gonna be a classic.

5. Peace
The melodies are similar to what people have been calling "emo" these days, but this is better than anything that Matchbook Romance or Hawthorne Heights could come up with (probably because those bands suck).
This song's good.

6. We Are All On Drugs
This one's kind of like the angry song of the album. "Drugs" doesn't just mean drugs, it stands for any destructive habit that someone might have. Good message in the song.
This songs alright.

7. The Damage in Your Heart
The best way to describe the way this song is "Maladroit meets Pinkerton". Ah, you're liking the sound of this one already. The chord progression is classic Weez, and its got similar harmonies to their old stuff.
This song rocks.

8. Pardon Me
This is the first appologetic song they've release since "Butterfly". I think the only reason this one wasn't the single is because Incubus had a single with the same title. This song is totally pop, but its a good Weezer kind of pop, really likeable.
This song's good.

9. My Best Friend
Wow. This song sounds like it should be on the soundtrack for Sheck or something. Well, the chorus is pretty cool, but gosh the verses are cheesey. The verses sixties happy party rock and it just sounds lame with the good recording quality of today.
This song's alright.

10. The Other Way
Yesssssssssss. MAN, the chorus is awesome, its like something George Harrison would have written. This one's going down in Weez history too.
This song rocks.

11. Freak Me Out
I think this is somewhat of a concept song. Its just really chill, no distortion, and the melodies are sweet like sugar. This is another new gem.
This song rocks.

12. Haunt you Everyday
The verse sounds like something from Abbey Road (thats a Beatles album, stupid). Don't get me started on the chorus. This song could have been on Pinkerton, seriously. Its got piano and a lot of background guitar riffs.
This song ROCKS.

Seriously, all we need now is a new Primus album and a Rage Against the Machine reunion and the musical magic of the 90's will be born again.

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