May 13, 2005

More B.S. from History Class

Guess what we did today? Thats right, we watched a video.

This video is called "In Memoriam". What the fuck is memoriam? Anyway, its about September 11th. The video itself is not what got me today, it was my idiot teacher.

The video got to the part where the people who were trapped in the towers were jumping off, it showed some still pictures of some people in mid-fall.

Then Idiot says, "See why we're fighting the terrorists right now?".

We sent troops to Afghanistan to find Osama bin Laden, not fight him, my teacher was obviously referring to the War on Iraq, which is not that same thing as the infamous "War on Terror".


Once again he has made an attempt to turn the class into a bunch of "WE'RE FIGHTIN' FOR FREEDOM, BITCH!" Bushie nationalist militants like himself.

Next time this happens, I promise to mention the error in his lesson. He said something about conducting a debate, that should be a hoot.


Ron said...

Wow. You really are being propagandized. Adam, you've got to educate yourself: I highly suggest that you read Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States and Noam Chomsky's Understanding Power. Then, next year, argue as many points as you can with your government and economics teachers. They'll have no idea how to respond to you because they will probably have no experience with Chomsky or Zinn. As long as you're polite and back yourself up with facts, they won't be able to do anything about it either. It should be great fun watching them sputter.

Adam said...

I'll make those my summer readings this year, thanks for the titles.

Yeah, I'm taking AP government and economics next year. I say bring 'em on.