May 11, 2005

The Future of Organized Labor

By Ralph Nader from

With U.S. union membership down to only 8% of the workers in the corporate sector - the lowest in 90 years - a clash of unions is underway within the AFL-CIO over the future direction of organized labor. The unions challenging the leadership of President John J. Sweeney - the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Teamsters UNITE and the Laborers - want more of member unions dues to the AFL-CIO returned for expanded organizing and want more mergers among the 76 existing national unions.

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So basically the unions aren't united. They're like the Democratic Party in 1968 with that huge riot outside the convention and all the disturbances and arguments inside, leading to Nixon's victory.

We need another Cesar Chavez or Harry Bridges or something. Will it be me? Could it be me?

If there was any time that we really needed bands like Rage Against the Machine and the Dead Kennedys to still be together, its now.

I think The Drafted's gonna have to start doing some demonstrations at our concerts...

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