May 2, 2005

History Class: Protesting is bad

So today in history we watched this video about the late 60's early 70's. It showed the main protest/demonstrations/riots of the time. At the end of the video it showed part of an interview with a man who fought for the North Vietnamese Army. He said they used to watch footage of the anti-war protestors demonstrating against the war, he said, "...they gave us strength."

So now a class of about 30 has been told that anti-war protests help our enemies stay strong.

This is really shitty.

I don't see how one man can represent an entire army when he says something like that, I mean, how does that guy know that EVERY SINGLE North Vietnamese soldier saw the clips and gave a damn, or even saw the clips at all. Maybe his platoon had special privelages, who knows? But that little clip is all any Bushy would need to make them feel good about being pro-war, and any undecided person could be easily swayed by it. The intent of that interview was to argue the point of view that protesting against what your government does is treason.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure thats propoganda, and even if its not, it still shouldn't be used as an educational device.

But again, what do I know?

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