May 5, 2005

Local Music Biz Politics

This has been on my mind for weeks now and I vented some of it on my band's myspace but I'm gonna basically repeat myself right now because I'm feeling it even more now.

Aright, I'm trying to book a bunch of summer shows for The Drafted. I've called/emailed six venues already, ONE of them has given us a show. I emailed Fuel, Walter's on Washington, club Ink, and Wired saying we wanted shows for July 1st, 8th, and 22nd, and I attached an mp3 and gave a link to hear us. NONE OF THEM RESPONDED. I called Fuel, noone answered. I called Walter's, the number is temporarily disabled; I called club Ink, the person was "not taking any calls at this time".

See, there's all these little "production companies" floating around out there now who book shows for bands. The thing is, they only book shows with bands that all play essentially the same style. So they're no help for The Drafted; NO ONE sounds like us. There's so many of these "production companies" that those are the only people that venues seem to be listening to anymore. And there's so many freaking local bands now that its hard enough to book a show anyway.

To sum it up: The Drafted has never been much of a show-playing band, and now its even harder to book shows, so now we're really screwed.

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