July 2, 2006

A wake up call about illegal immigration from Mexico's elections

From the AP via Yahoo! News:

Mexican expatriate voters hindered in U.S.


Apathy also was an issue. Some said that they came to the United States because Mexican governments had failed to create economic opportunities at home, and that they didn't see that changing anytime soon.


That sentence that I bolded, enlarged, and italicized is the root of the problem of illegal immigration. Our government does absolutely nothing to stop it either, in fact, these "free trade" agreements that the Bush Administration touts so proudly are what causes that situation. "Free trade" means allowing corporations to go into foreign lands where they'll exploit poor people's labor with no penatly (thats the "freedom" of "free trade", freedom to exploit for the sake of profits).

Our president and Mexico's current president, Vicente Fox, are completely on the same page when it comes to economics, and thats what is causing the corruption in all the Latin American countries where we've installed and/or supported right wing governments who sign with our "free trade" agreements. Migrant workers flee Latin America because they can make more money if they're exploited in America rather than being exploited in their native countries, not to mention the social services that are available (and should be).

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