July 6, 2006

I'm a workin' man

I started working at my dad's power plant yesterday: AES Deepwater in Pasadena, Texas (where else?). Yes, I am very much a part of the problem for a change. Needed some variety I guess, but really just desperately need my own money as to not put my parents into debt.

They've got a summer program for college students. They're gonna hook me up with a mowing tractor and I'm gonna bascially be the groundskeeper of this area that they recently bought. I also get to use a forklift!!

Everyone has to have a hard hat and safety glasses and wear ear protection and steel toe boots and I got a bunch of petroleum coke on my hands today and felt like a badass factory worker. Even though I'm just a summer temp. Haha. But I changed the HELL out of them hose nosels!


Ron said...

Don't knock yourself too hard about working for the obviously Satanic energy industry. It's pretty hard in this country to not be part of the problem. After all all, I spent six years at RSS as part of our national authority-indoctrination machine. For all my leftist blustering, it's impossible to teach high school without working the discipline apparatus, which is, as I'm sure you realize, constitutes everybody's true educational lesson. I was much more a part of the problem doing that than you are playing Groundskeeper Willie for the man. Cut yourself some slack.

Adam said...

Yeah, I've come to realize that I'm not really helping the company profit in any way so its not so bad. Plus its just temporary.

Apparently AES Deepwater does pretty good in the market; supposedly its the owner's most profitable business.