July 9, 2006

Life at the Plant

Yesterday I carried out my assignment of replacing the nozzels at each fire hose station in the power block. See, most of them had this red plastic nozzel and they found out recently (the hard way) that plastic nozzels can wear out and shoot off and hit someone in the head and injure them pretty badly. So they bought these new brass ones. I had to go into the insane maze of this multi-story, steel grated mass of power plant and find all the fire hose stations...with a map that wasn't too user friendly.

I know I just made that sound kinda shitty, but it was actually a lot of fun. It was essentially very easy: just walk to the stations with a bucket full of new nozzels and replace the old dangerous ones (they screw on and off, a monkey could do it...) . The hard part was finding them all, but at least the weird industrial scenery (complete with my hard had, goggles, ear plugs, and steal toe boots) was much cooler than my friend's job at Popeye's.

In my head I kept repeating, and believing: "Beats the hell out of flippin' burgers and dealing with customers!"

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