December 22, 2005

Senior Research Paper: DIY (continued)

The following is from my research paper "Another State of Mind". NOTE: I took out the internal citation, which makes this material plagarized.

Another example of DIY is the Better Youth Organization, formed in 1979 by future members of the band Youth Brigade. They founded the Better Youth Organization "as a reaction to police violence, outside exploitation and a general negative outlook held against the Punk/Alternative music scene in Los Angeles, CA". Later, the BYO started recording bands and booking tours under the name BYO Records. The first tour that BYO put on (with Youth Brigade and Social Distortion) was filmed and made into a documentary called "Another State of Mind".

Sometimes DIY happens by accident, the best example being the sparking of the Straight Edge movement. The song "Straight Edge" by Minor Threat was one of many that denounced drugs, alcohol, and one-night-stands. Many fans believed in the way of life that Minor Threat advocated and called themselves "straight edge", or "edge". Some drew "x"'s on their hands, because an "x" on someone's hand at a bar or venue means that they are a minor--not to be served alcohol. Other "edge" punks sometimes went as far as flicking people's cigarettes or spilling their drinks. This activity was something that Ian MacKaye, Minor Threat's frontman, was highly opposed to. In fact, MacKaye never told anyone to be "straight edge"; the entire movement was fan-induced, mass DIY.

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