December 17, 2005

House OKs Bill to Tighten Immigration Laws

From AP via Yahoo! News

WASHINGTON - The House acted Friday to stem the tide of illegal immigration by taking steps to tighten border controls and stop unlawful immigrants from getting jobs. But lawmakers left for next year the tougher issue of what to do with the 11 million undocumented people already in the country.

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How to stop illegal immigration: make immigration easier to do.

The House legislation [...] includes such measures as [...] requiring employers to verify the legal status of their workers.

This is what really needs to be done. Stop treating the Mexicans like criminals, employers are more to blame for them wanting to come here.

I just don't understand why the Mexican border is so much more guarded than the Canadian border. It couldn't be a skin color thing, could it?

Furthermore, I think people need to get over themselves and learn to deal with people speaking different languages around them. Racism isn't just burning crosses.

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