December 18, 2005

Bush speaks, war is peace

I watched Georgey Boy address his nation tonight, and I must admit, he was pretty coherent.

The arguement that stuck with me the most was the one he made about 9/11. He said something like, "We weren't in Iraq or Afghanistan on 9/11, and the terrorists attacked us".
I guess we're supposed to make a connection like, "So if we're at war, we won't get attacked, and if we're not, we will." Apparently, the history of the entire world started on September 11th, nothing happened before that time, it was The Beginning. He's acting as if our government has been just minding it's own business for 200 years, completely innocent of any wrongdoing or mistake, and we all know how true that isn't.

It doesn't matter to him why the terrorists attack us, it is apparently not his job to think about such things. His job is to "protect" us, which he must be doing, since we're at war and there haven't been anymore 9/11's. He says that we're winning the war because 10 million Iraqis voted for a new constitution, but our goal is to stop terrorism, not just to "free" Iraq. Even with a democratic Iraq, terrorism will be a problem in the world, so what are we really doing over there?

Tonight he said that the goal is to kill every one of the terrorists, what rational human being could believe that this feat is possible? This goal makes no sense, therefore this war makes no sense.

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