December 9, 2005

I can't wait to get my hands on some Christmas!

Thats right, its the holiday season and we LIBERALS are out to STEAL CHRISTMAS once again!!!!!!!

Better watch out, thats not Chris Kringle on your roof! I'm gonna steal your Christmas tree, ya know, the one that the Bible told you to put up. Oh wait, not the Bible, the Pagans, whatever.

And I'm gonna SHIT on your Christmas ham cuz I'm a LIBERAL and I'm out to STEAL CHRISTMAS and persecute you CHRISTIANS!!

At least thats what Bill O'Reilly says I'm gonna do. In fact, I think he'd like it, just so he and all the others could yell about it.

"Man, they won't let us sing Christmas songs!!!!!!! They're persecuting us Christians!".....Maybe they just don't want you singing in the first place. You've gone all year without singing, and you've been a huge jerk too, now you wanna sing about Peace and fellowship and act like pine trees, peppermints, and an obese Canadian are part of your religion? Fuck that.

I know I don't need a sarcasm disclaimer, but here it is.

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Ron said...

Yeah, Adam, this anti-Christmas thing is totally manufactured. As far as I can tell the whole "Happy Holidays" conspiracy is more driven by consumerism than anything else. That is, the only place I ever encounter the phrase is at stores, on TV, and on pre-printed greeting cards. In other words, capitalism is behind the anti-Christmas thing. It's weird; I'm not even a Christian and I celebrate Christmas. Why not? Jesus was quite cool; I don't need to worship him to celebrate his life and values. God, the right wing is sooooo nuts.