October 26, 2005

U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Rises to 2,001

From AP via Yahoo! News

BAGHDAD, Iraq - An American soldier was killed Tuesday in a vehicle accident near Camp Bucca, the U.S. detention center in southern
, the U.S. military said Wednesday, a day after the somber milestone of 2,000 military deaths in the Iraq war was reached.


Some Iraqis sympathized with U.S. forces as the American death toll surpassed 2,000. But others noted that many more Iraqis had died in the conflict and said they hope the U.S. "occupiers" will soon go home.

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Did Vietnam take revenge on the United States after we finally pulled out of Vietnam? No. Would Iraq do the same? Hopefully. Right now, I'd say every Iraqi has some pretty justafiable beef with the U.S. The whole right wing argument about pulling out of Iraq immediately is that Iraq will fall into the hands of the insurgents, who must be terrorists too, and that we'll be in more danger from terrorist attacks that way.

Lets face it, we screwed up, well, the government screwed up. Iraq was never a threat, but now they have a personal reason to hate us, and staying only makes it worse, no matter how many constitutions get "approved". So why wait? Evacuate!

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