October 27, 2005

I agreed with a Republican today

Today in Yahoo! News:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Amid record-high earnings from oil companies, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist on Thursday ordered a Senate hearing with testimony from major oil company executives on why energy prices are high.


"If there are those who abuse the free enterprise system to advantage themselves and their businesses at the expense of all Americans, they ought to be exposed, and they ought to be ashamed," Frist said in a statement.


"We need to increase refinement capacity, provide more energy resources, encourage conservation, invest in science and technology, and, most importantly, transition toward energy independence, including the use of more alternative fuels," Frist said.

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This is a Republican? A Republican said we need to invest in science and alternative fuels. A Republican. Said that. That we need to invest in alternative fuels.

I've heard Bill Frist's name before many times, but I can't remember why, I think he may be a big part of the religious right, but as for economics, he seems almost to be left wing, by this statement, anyway.

He's either bullshitting for approval or is a very old school Republican.

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