October 8, 2005

Brighton Beach Memoirs

I just saw my first play at the Baytown Little Theater. It was really cool. They did a Neil Simon called Brighton Beach Memoirs. AWESOME play. FUNNY play too.

Three of the actors were really good, all teenagers.

Brighton Beach Memoirs is part of a three-play series about Neil Simon's life. This one shows "Simon's passage through puberty, as he percieved it." But its not just about Simon ("Eugene" in the play), its about two weeks of his boyhood where his family almost fell apart.

I highly recommend checking it out if a production of it ever comes to your town. If you live in Baytown, I feel sorry for you, because tonight was the last Brighton show.

Not only do I recommend checking out this play, I recommend visiting the Baytown Little Theater itself. Steel Magnolias plays in December.

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